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Are You Communicating Enough?

In truth most business aren’t communicating any where near enough. Be that with prospects, current customers or those that have lapsed.

Why? Well often they struggle to find things to say, they run out of time, or worse still they follow-up once and feel that the job is done.

The truth is the more you communicate the more you will stand out. Don’t worry if it’s only a quick text, a 3 line email or a 20 second video message – no one ever unsubscribed because the emails were too short!

It is also important that you aren’t just communicating when you have something to sell. You should be constantly adding value to your audience, building a relationship, demonstrating your expertise and making them feel valued.

And when you do communicate you need to ensure that you have something worth saying! Keep it interesting, maybe tell a story or share some knowledge that will benefit your audience. If your messages are dull and predictable that is a surefire way to stop people reading them, damaging your open rates and the relationships you may have built.

You also need to mix it up! Use a combination of media to communicate. Don’t just revert to email every time. Try sending a video, text, something by post or pick up the phone. There are so many ways to communicate and using different media makes it more interesting, helping your messages cut through.

How about personalisation? We all like to be made to feel special. If you treat your audience as individuals it will make a huge difference. This can be anything from salutation fields in emails to personalised video messages.  At the very least you should segment your lists. so that you are talking to people about the things that they are interested in and not forcing them to digest content that is irrelevant. Yes, some messages will be relevant to all, but the way you interact with your customers verses those who have yet to buy may be very different. Make everyone feel special and as if you are speaking directly to them.

Sending valuable messages to your prospects and customers helps to keep you top of mind. Content marketing is not a quick win, it takes time to build relationships and the longer you keep in touch the more chance you have of tuning prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

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